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Louise Bayle, M.S. Nutritionist and home cook, Boston, MA:
“If you’ve been using supermarket olive oil you are in for a treat. Olio Taibi olive oil made by the Taibi family in Sicily for generations is made entirely from their own olives, thus a single-source olive oil. Many olive oils on the market come from a blend of oils, mostly from Spain or Greece, based on the lowest-priced oils available at the time of production. 100% single source olives are miles apart from even the most expensive brands in supermarkets. Taibi olive oil comes in a classy green bottle, dated. It is almost like buying a fine wine. You can read more about “Olive Extravegine” at their web site: It can be ordered on the web, insuring freshness. Here is the best part: it is smooth on the tongue, without an oily feel, with a subtle fruity taste which enhances the flavor of so many foods. As an avid home cook, I think it is a shame to subject the oil to heat in cooking. A light drizzle showcases its flavor: on hot or cold dishes, salads, roast vegetables and meat, pasta, polenta, and lasagna, to name a few. But perhaps you would like to experiment with it cooked in mixed dishes, though. As a nutritionist, I see olive oil as a rich source of monounsaturates and omega-3 fatty acids, so important for heart health, making it a crucial component of the Mediterranean diet. But most of all, I love the rich flavor it brings to so many foods.”

Stephen M. Bayle, Boston, MA: “I didn’t know too much about olive oil before getting introduced to olive oil from Olio Taibi about six years ago. Just bought the standard supermarket stuff. But once you have tasted a real olive oil from Sicily you can’t go back to the supermarket stuff again! We just enjoyed some tonight on fresh ravioli. While the ravioli was great, it was even better with the Nocellara olive oil. If you care about high quality food, then you should try this olive oil.”

Claudia Scharff, San Francisco, CA: “I first served this olive oil with bread for a dinner party and my guests couldn’t stop raving about it. It is wonderfully light, fruity and refreshing! I’ve since drizzled it on pastas and veggies and loved it – it turned ordinary dishes into extraordinary ones. I’m sold!”

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