Giuseppe’s Story


Giuseppe Taibi is a fourth generation organic olive oil producer from Sicily. Ten years ago, he left Italy for Boston, Massachusetts in search of new opportunities and challenges in high tech. While in Boston, Giuseppe met his wife, Nita Sturiale, also of Sicilian heritage. Nita, inspired by her great- grandparents’ stories from their native Altofonte, Sicily, and her love for organic farming, enthusiastically embraced the Taibi family passion for olive oil. Together, Giuseppe and Nita committed to bringing Olio Taibi to the United States.

The Taibi family is rooted in Montaperto, Sicily, a small, hilltop village of 500 people overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. In Montaperto there is a street named Taibi and a small altar in the five hundred year old village church is a Taibi family gift. Giuseppe and Nita married in this church before an audience of American and Sicilian family and friends as well as most of the town’s residents. Montaperto also boasts a bar, two churches, a butcher, a baker, and a piazza overlooking the sea.

After retiring from his successful career as a doctor, Giuseppe’s father, Gerlando Taibi, aka Gino, returned to the ancestral Taibi land and revived it by focusing on its olive fruit trees. He expanded the number of olive trees and now Azienda Agricola Taibi carefully tends 1500 trees and presses extremely high quality extra virgin olive oil in limited quantities. Gino integrates the agricultural knowledge of his father with new insights into organic growing methods and quality assurance standards. For years, Olio Taibi was available only to friends, family and local distributors. Thanks to Giuseppe and Nita, it is now available in specialty gourmet food stores across the United States and online at

The Taibi family is also working towards the creation of a consortium of small independent olive growers in the surrounding area of Montaperto in an effort to improve the harsh conditions of local farmers and their families.  The consortium will produce high quality extra virgin olive oil and follow a fair trade pricing model that keeps small Sicilian farmers farming and puts healthy olive oil on more dining tables. The Taibi family believes that working towards sustainable economies and fair trade are fundamental to international peace, human rights, and preserving the joys of cultural and culinary experience. In the words of Giuseppe Taibi, “This is our way of contributing – it’s a slow, meaningful process with long-term effects. Dai tempo al tempo (give time its time).” Giuseppe and Nina base themselves part-time in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They have two daughters, Ella Francesca and Gaia Valentina.

If you have any questions about Olio Taibi or extra virgin olive oil, please feel free to post a comment here or send an email to  gt[AT]oliotaibi[DOT]com and Giuseppe will get back to you as soon as he can.


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